I run…therefore I am

About RUN DmD

Hotel De La Paix, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Aug. 2009

RUN DMD is a play on the name of the rap group RUN-DMC, they who remade that Aerosmith song ‘Walk this Way’ in 1986.  Maybe I could sub-title this blog site ‘Run this Way’ but that would be stretching it.  Even if the name deals with running, this blog will soon incorporate my write-ups on Dentistry.  DMD stands for Doctor of Medical Dentistry, a title I’ve had for the last 22 years.  I never dreamed I’d be opening a blog site of my own but with a little daring, I’m here.

So enjoy my menial meanderings…

Almost forgot, I’m Jose Lorenzo M. Mina, Jr., DMD.

7 thoughts on “About RUN DmD

  1. I’m Jose Lorenzo Mina Jr. Never thought I would be starting my own blog (and on running at that) but finally had the guts to open one so enjoy the menial meanderings of life in the running…


  2. pssst, Mr. Jose Lorenzo M. Mina, Jr., DMD. … kainggit ka! buti ka pa may blog na. congrats, PP To!


  3. Antagal niyo na po palang Dentist. =) Galing ng blog niyo sir.


  4. Hi, we met last Sunday early morning on the way up to Silangan. It took me quite a while to figure out why you looked familiar although we haven’t met before: I’m following your interesting blog. I’m back in HK but it would be nice to meet you and your friend again during one of my next visits to Marikina. Or in HK if you visit. Cheers, Reto


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