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muSic for the fEEt

I’ve always said that I’m powered by good songs when I’m down, frying inside and basically ready to call it quits.  Music, played at the right moment, can easily transport me to another world where eagerness and positivity lord it over pessimism and pain.  This is still a work in progress as I will be updating this with new tracks every now and then.  This is also the first time I’m embedding audio files so I just hope this works…

joy in music while on the run

Adrenalizers – songs which get me flying and gliding, ideally played at the starting line but since I’m concern that the power of my MP3 player might not reach the last 10 kms. (the most crucial in the race), I tend to play this more when the sun’s high up and scorching me or when I’m feeling alone, isolated, bored or desperate.

1.  Come Dancing by The Kinks.  This song has been tried and tested on so many runs, I can listen to this every hour and still get moving.  First experienced it during the final kilometers of the Pinatubo 50-km run and haven’t looked back.

2.  Modern Love – David Bowie.  Whenever I hear the first strums of the string instruments and the drums, I remember the video showing the thin white duke on stage with his band decked in their formal white suits then I’m transported back to the early 1980s – my formative years in music appreciation.

...puts my trust in God and man...

3.  My life will suck without you – Kelly Clarkson.  The fast guitar riffs are so infectious, one can’t help but stomp the asphalt road and get going.

4.  Friday – Glee Cast.  A better and more upbeat version of Rebecca Black’s infamous song – this can get me jumping, just like during the MIM & T2N.

fun, fun, fun...

5.  New Power Generation, part II – Prince & NPG.  One of Prince’s more upbeat number with his newly formed New Power Generation band for the movie ‘Grafitti Bridge’ (supposed to be a sequel of ‘Purple Rain’).  The little guy wrote and directed it so expectedly it bombed but the music lives on.  In 1991, a cousin from the States presented me a music tape of this album so I guess it’s quite memorable.  Yes, I’m a Prince fanatic ever since I saw ‘Purple Rain’ at Remar theater (Cubao) before it disappeared the next day in 1984.

...lay down your funky weapons, come join us on the floor...

6.  Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol.  The drums will get one stomping while imagining you’re Billy on top of a building – naked and dancing like it’s the end of the world.

7.  Let’s Kill Tonight – Panic at the Disco.  Introduced to me by my patient/goddaughter, Iya Parungao, this song is full on bass and rhythm plus a very hooky refrain.  Goth & punk in one serving.

that's me in the maroon jacket

8.  Santo – Ely Buendia.  Can’t complete this list without one from Ely (and maybe the e-heads), a demigod in my book.  From his first and only solo album after they disbanded.

...kung kasalanan ito, ayoko ko na maging santo...

9.  Grendaizer opening theme.  Short but bursting with energy.  Not my favorite robot show but the Voltes 5 theme has been so overplayed, it no longer has that nostalgic effect on me, but this one still has the sting.

10.  Hey Soul Sister – Train.  Relatively new but definitely a real stimulant when every muscle is complaining and the mind & body is about to bonk.

like a virgin, you're Madonna...

Ethereal, Soaring – songs which put me in the ‘zone’ without making me too restless.  Songs are relatively slower than adrenalizers but definitely very interesting.  Ideal for really long runs during the walking part.  The list will be expanded later.  pramis.

1.  Cambodia – Kim Wilde  Don’t mind the so 80’s video (high hair, heroine writhing and squirming on the ground like a loose anaconda) but listen to the exotic strings and instruments and one gets transported to an exotic and lovely place.  It worked for me during the final 10 kms of the BDM 102 this year.

2.  Left of Center – Suzanne Vega.  From the soundtrack of the 80’s movie, Pretty in Pink, this song is moving and haunting.  It’s classified as part of the New Wave movement but has stood the test of time, at least in my book.  It also helps that it didn’t get that popular here so it’s never overplayed on these 80’s-themed parties/radio shows.

in the outskirts, and in the fringes...

3.  Lion King – opening theme.  It’s soaring and pushes one to keep running.  Plus one can always imagine gliding over the Serengeti as the mammals and birds scamper towards that Pride Rock where Simba, the lion cub, will be presented.

4.  Janie’s got a gun – Aerosmith.   This song just pulls you in some kind dark, film-noirish crime scene with the mysterious percussion sounds and Steven Tyler’s wailing in the background.  And one keeps just wondering ‘what did her daddy do?’

5.  Silent Lucidity – Queensryche.  It’s a 90’s version of the opera rock (thus the word Queen is retained).  Most ideal when one is running the final kilometer which I still have to do (‘coz this song is usually embedded among my pile of songs.)  The final two minutes, if properly timed, will get you flying into the finish line.  It is indeed, ‘A round trip journey in your head…’