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BDM Videos

While recovering from my injury after this year’s Bataan Death March 160KM, I utilized my time learning to create powerpoint-like videos using the Windows Moviemaker.  Finally, I can time the images at every beat of the music I need.  Here’s my collection…

This one is my best so far and I definitely like the soaring music from Queensryche.

This one was done by my cousin, Menard Mina who introduced me to Moviemaker.  He based the images and text on my blog entries so pardon the wording.

Taken on my way to the KM 102 stopover.  Poor lighting but the audio seems clear enough and the narration/emotions are quite palpable.

My ‘Good Luck’ letter to the BDM 102KM 2012 warriors to the music of Corey Hart.

My current favorite to the tune of Billboard’s #1 Song.  Loved this anthem ever since the Glee cast rendered it.  I will be adding one more maybe next week on the BDM 102 experience so watch out!

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Xterra 10km Trail Run: On the trail again

It was a trail high for me when I joined last Sunday’s Xterra Trail Run at our favorite playground – the Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal. Around 300 participants for the 10 kms. (other categories were the 22k and 5k) blasted from the starting line at 6 am when the sun had given some visibility to the rolling trail paths. I positioned myself near the lead pack to get some headway and avoid the difficult position of following a slower runner who won’t let you budge through the narrow route. It’s a quandary I won’t want others to feel for me either so whenever felt some runner was breathing behind my back, I easily let him through – no problemo.

down, down, down...

At the first 2 kms., I had to exert extra effort to keep up with the general pace as it glided through long uphills and wicked downhills. Soon enough, I get the hang of it and was flying through cogon hills, tree-shaded paths and even bamboo bridges crossing rivers and creeks. For some 3 kms., I was able to pace and talk with orthopedic surgeon Dr. Martin Camara who pulled me along when I felt like slowing down. Basically, I was trying to maintain a regular pace while trying to sense my knees for sudden shock or pain from a trail which snaked up and down.
So far, I’ve been able to keep up with the mid lead pack when out of nowhere, as I was trying to speed up at the final downhill, I tripped. Fortunately, I was able to support my face from smashing to the ground while sustaining mild bruises/cuts on the right hip. The right calf also cramped for a good 15 seconds before relaxing back to normal.
A minute after, I was back on track, gliding and finishing the final meters which was descending all the way to the finish. I timed 1:12, not bad for a 10km rolling terrain. More importantly, I enjoyed the whole experience of racing along a verdant environment. I’d love to do this more often, perhaps a little longer. Once in a while, the lungs could enjoy some fresh air cleansing.
Thanks to my angel for the free registration which included a cool finisher’s shirt, loads of freebies and a chance to mingle with some tri-citizens.