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The Filivest Endurance Weekend Run: mud, mud and more mud


round and round...

round and round…

So here I am ensconced in the warm confines of my bedroom for the whole day, taking lots of liquid, fruits and rest.  I’m not one you can herd off for one whole day but the body weakness and sore throat plus some chills told me it was time to take a break.

minutes before the gun start...Kuliters still in pictorial mode.

minutes before the gun start…Kuliters still in pictorial mode.

another angle, direk?

another angle, direk?

The week before was practically like this except that we had to go through a 3.1-KM trail loop from 6AM to 6PM.  Easy, eh?  Now  factor in some drizzles deteriorating into a typhoon-like shower by midday then we have one muddy testy trail to conquer over and over.  Now this one should have brought me down right away, instead of an hour of rain run last Saturday (with the Milo R2 Apex group), right?

During last Saturday's speed and agility tests at the University of Makati.

During last Saturday’s speed and agility tests at the University of Makati.

Anyway what helped us survive the ordeal was our strong support (the indefatigable team of Paz & Van) and the spirit of Team Kulit composed of Dave, Chinky, Sheila, Reylynne and me.  It was also the debut of our tantalizingly fluorescent team shirt (still comfy after going through the ravages of sweat, rain and heat).

Watch out world - Team Kulit is coming!

Watch out world – Team Kulit is coming!

K for Kulit

K for Kulit

So the first few loops were a breeze and I was bouncing around, totally enjoying my most-missed trails.  By the time I finished 21KMs (around 7 loops), it was just a little over 2 hours.  Now if I could do this for 12 hours – I could bank 120KMs!  That was wishful thinking, of course (cue in cousin Balki:  “Don’t be ridiculouuus”) for after a mild comforting spray from the sky at the start of KM 15, a full blown shower had begun.  Disappearing a little only to rain again and again on our parade.  By the time I finished a full marathon distance, it was way over 5 hours and the left knee had started complain from all the balancing along the mushy, slippery trail.

When the weather was still refreshing and sweet...

When the weather was still refreshing and sweet…


Team power takes over…

I love to call it Molested Earth (in Filipino it’s more organic – nilapastanganang lupa)  for after so many rounds by the 70 or so runners, there was no more trail to speak off.  I had to search for some virgin, untrampled grassy areas to keep me going (except that they’re usually tilted).581829_10200461156360764_1584498988_n

the end is near...

the end is near…

The last 5 loops had me walking, avoiding mud puddles and newly-formed waterways.  Soon enough, one had no choice but to walk through mud, water and unstable earth.  On the final 2 loops, Team Kulit (all frustrated and ready to call it quits) banded together to lift our sagging spirits and had a most fun walk, peppered with stories circling on National Security and the gross domestic product.  After 10 hours, we finally hanged our muddied shoes and took our podium pose.  So it’s a total of 20 rounds or 62KMs in one Saturday.  Not bad for a weekend.

we are our shoes...

we are our shoes…


outdoor shower, anyone?

the thrill of it all...

the thrill of it all…

Special thanks go out to the Filinvest Group (Ms. Rula Gongora) for the opportunity to test my patience and persistence in this Weekend Run at the burgeoning city of Filinvest.

Photography by Maripaz Buban and Van Denn Cruz

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2 thoughts on “The Filivest Endurance Weekend Run: mud, mud and more mud

  1. thank you Doc Toto for documenting this “craziness ” as what we , runners, call ourselves. but it was truly a memorable day to be running with you guys.


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