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Running. More Fun in the Philippines

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Been meaning to do this for some time since our Department of Tourism came up with that catchy and personalized logo, More Fun in the Philippines.  Here’s my take on it depicting my brief and memorable running history, so far…

Nov. 2009: Unicef Run, 10KM

May 2010: PAU's 50KM Tanay Ultramarathon, my first...

July 2010: my 1st Milo Marathon, epic fail.

Aug. 2010: Secret Training ground.

Aug. 2010: PAU's Pasuquin to Pagudpud Ultramarathon, 70KM

Oct. 2010: Mt. Pinatubo Trail Run, 50KM

Dec. 2010: Quezon City International Marathon

Jan. 2010: Fat Ass 2010, 66KM

Mar 2011: Bataan Death March, 102KM

May 2011: Greentenial Run, 16KM

June 2011: Nuvali Trail Run, 57KM

July 2011: CDO-Dahilayan Trail Run, 57KM

July 2011: Ft. Magsaysay-Dingalan, 60KM

July 2011: my 2nd Milo Marathon

Aug 2011: PAU's Western Pangasinan Ultrarun, 65KM

Sept. 2011: PAU's Tagaytay-Nasugbu, 50KM

December 2011: Shotgun, Timberland training runs

Jan 2012: Fat Ass Run, 70.4KM

January 2012: Bataan Death March 160KM


Other memorable runs would be my Condura half and full marathons, my first Aquathlon, etc. but I guess there weren’t enough interesting shots to merit a fun factor.

Here’s a video of my running history:

Photography by Jeffrey Avellanosa, QCIM 2010/2011, Milo Marathon 2010/2011, Ruby Bambalan, Keshia Fule, Maripaz Buban, KB Photography & Carlo Serrano

Author: rundmd8

Dentist by day, Runner by night

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