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While recovering from my injury after this year’s Bataan Death March 160KM, I utilized my time learning to create powerpoint-like videos using the Windows Moviemaker.  Finally, I can time the images at every beat of the music I need.  Here’s my collection…

This one is my best so far and I definitely like the soaring music from Queensryche.

This one was done by my cousin, Menard Mina who introduced me to Moviemaker.  He based the images and text on my blog entries so pardon the wording.

Taken on my way to the KM 102 stopover.  Poor lighting but the audio seems clear enough and the narration/emotions are quite palpable.

My ‘Good Luck’ letter to the BDM 102KM 2012 warriors to the music of Corey Hart.

My current favorite to the tune of Billboard’s #1 Song.  Loved this anthem ever since the Glee cast rendered it.  I will be adding one more maybe next week on the BDM 102 experience so watch out!

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