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The Arduous Road to Bataan 160 km, part II

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18 January 2011

The last 10 days:  Physical/Mental conditioning and logistics

a personal note from Boringer Ronnie…

So it’s the last 10 days before B day (Bataan Death March 160) and so far I’m feeling quite ok.  Clinic sked has been quite hectic, what with my secretary still recovering from childbirth.  Haven’t run since Fat Ass, not even some brisk walking except when I need to accompany my brother and his family on their mall tours (the biggest mall they have at Wellington, NZ is just one wing of SM North).  Fortunately, I’ve been able to squeeze in some gym works, concentrating mostly on the legs and back.  I also wanted some upper body bulking so I’ve done some chest and shoulder routines.  I feel I need to put on some weight come Jan. 28 so I’ve been bingeing on anything that comes my way.  But mostly, I’m eating a lot of fish dishes (thank God for the New Zealand smoked salmon my brother brought – parang sosyal na tinapa!) upon reading that it could help improve my knees and joints.

How do you solve a problem like...?

Once in a while the right or left knees would click and make funny noises but no continuous pain has been felt yet.  To prevent the condition from progressing into something like chromalacia (!), I’ve been doing a lot of leg exercises – mild squats, leg presses and lunges at the gym.  The goal is to strengthen the muscles around the knees – the calves, quadriceps and hamstrings.  The weekly yoga sessions have also really helped on my flexibility while core workouts I can do in between appointments have become regular (that is if I don’t get sleepy – yup, clinic work can get tiring, really).

Doing the Bridge during my weekly yoga sessions...

Meanwhile, I’ve assembled an able support group who will comprise Team Toto (that’s TT for you), made up of Boringers Ina Estoesta, Frio Frolen, his girlfried Ruby Bambalan and our trusty driver Lonie.  We’ve set up a secret page so our notes on the final details (from my outfit per 50 km to the types of food/drinks I will be subsisting on the road) will be summarized and provided to on the 27th when we will meet up at 1 pm as we leave for Mariveles, Bataan.  The information is still raw but expect it to be refined and defined by next week, like what food I will consume at 1 pm when I’ve hopefully reached Abucay, Bataan (km. 50), etc.  During our meeting last Sun. at Yoshinoya, we agreed that our color will be red (for day) and white (at night) just to match the maroon Revo I will be borrowing from my dad.  The look of the support vehicle is in the hands of my artist friend Dr. Anton Datu so I’m expecting something unique, spiffy and fierce.  At the back reads:  Takbo para kay Nanay at Kiko Mina

Team Toto in circles...

The expenses are building up so I’m pinning my hopes on the only 1 corporate sponsor I approached.  Meanwhile, purchases in accessories (headlamp, shades), food & drinks have started so I won’t be panicking next week, as if that won’t happen.  During the run, my support crew will be doing a lot of buying for ice, food, etc. so I’m trying to augment my run fund for the race expenses ahead.  The list goes on and on but with proper preparation and planning, I’m confident we can hurdle these logistical requirements so I can just focus on my running and crossing the finish line.

I am agog, antsy and excited – this is one adventure I’m raring to run…

Borange will rule B-day!

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