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3 Ultraruns in 30 days

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I know it’s not some feat of Karnazes (30 marathons in 30 days) or Ulrich (104 marathons in 52 days) proportion but this will do by my standard.

18 June 2011   [54/200] Nuvali Trail Run 

56.98 kms.       8:45:40                        9:13 mins/km

09 July 2011    [65/163] CDO-Dahilayan Trail Run

57 kms             8:38:38                        8:50 mins/km

16 July 2011    [40/109] Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora

60 kms.            9:15:40                     8:40 mins/km

This 30-day period could have also included the Manila International Marathon on June 26 but that was cancelled due to some expected flooding from storm Falcon which never happened, of course, on that Sunday morning.  Any way, I included also the ranking on these runs just to give you some idea that I may be getting faster.  It was also on these 3 runs where I applied a new tactic (something new in my ultra-vocabulary really).  I sprinted (again, in my standard) into the first half of the race just to get a nice head start and practically walked to the finished line.  Of course, this new tact resulted with the emergence of my now epic blisters (and the story is still on-going as I write this with new sub-plots along the way).

the Nuvali trail run with fellow 'walker' Siosan Baysa - trails a-winding, blisters arising...

at the CDO-Dahilayan Trail Run with race organizer Francis Velasquez - dramatic ascents and blisters redux.

at the PAU 60 km run (Nueva Ecija - Aurora) with race director Sir Jovie - steep pitches, blister over new blister mode.

Anyway, clinic sked has been quite hectic along with a lot of training in between.  I just can’t think straight if I come home drained and tired but I promise to be more updated on my blog entries.  That is after I succeed in posting my Milo marathon story (also waaaaay too late, as well).

straightforward story telling and less of the drama (so unlike Karnazes)

Here’s a nice update:  just finished a book that isn’t available yet at National Bookstore (maybe at Fully Booked) – it’s Running on Empty by Marshall Ulrich.  It’s his account of his run from San Francisco to New York for 52 days at 57 years old.  Thanks to co-Boringer Mar Marilag ( for lending this book – Ulrich mailed him a signed copy (envy).  It is quite detailed on the ordeal he went through and also offers a lot of solution – whether physically, mentally or medically (he had a doctor among his crew).  So this could be my BIBLE come Bataan Death March 160km 2012.  Now I just need to get me a copy.

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