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Upcoming Plans for the next few months…


+ 58 kms....*gulp*

After a not-so-active 2 months, I’m planning to put my training program for the Bataan Death March 160km 2012 in high gear.  If you haven’t been following my logs, I’ve been doing other things outside of my long runs (the longest was 20 kms, I know, shoot me).  Recently, at our gym (Slimmer’s World), I’ve tried doing some yoga sessions and will definitely make this a part of my weekly routine.  This could be the solution to my minor aches muscle aches and stiffness most pronounced after long runs.  We shall see.

just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Of course, I’m doing some swimming at the Marikina Sports Center.  This newly resurrected skill would be finally put to test on May 8 when I join my first Aquathlon with Team Kain. Takbo. Tulog led by fellow Mariquenos Chris & Bave dela Cruz.  We did a simulation last Saturday and I’m quite satisfied that I was able to finish the whole swim routine at around 14 mins.  We shall see come Sunday.  Around 90 participants have signed  up so we were divided into different waves (groups).  I’m with the last wave of the male participants which starts at 8 am so I might still make an appearance (maybe just a 5 kms dash) at the SCHOLARunwhich happens on the same day just less than a kilometer away.  The idea of seeing Marikina (less pollution, less vehicles, wider roads/sidewalks) an alternative to running/sporting events is something I’m really keen on promoting.

Mariquenos, on the run....

The week after, I will be joining Lifeline Foundation’s 2nd edition of their Run4Life.  It’s just a 10 km run and the place is way down south in Alabang but this is one worthy run-for-a-cause I won’t mind waking up to at 3 am on May 15.  Besides, I heard the Westgate route is something worth traversing and experiencing.

Lifeline foundation really knows how to entice...

Whenever I would be available, I see myself finally doing the real long runs on Sundays leading up to my first 50 km Valley Trail Challenge which sees action on June 18.  I’m still combing the internet for that ideal trail shoes (I’m veering towards Salomon), buy and test run it soon.  With a 5 hour cut off time, this year’s Manila International Marathon (revived after many years) is also enticing in my goal to go sub-5 in my 5thMarathon.  My last Condura Skyway Marathon clocked in 5:02 so I’m hoping to improve on that.  So yes, most highly, probably, I’m registering for the MIM 2011.

my first trail run since the Crater run (Mt. Pinatubo)...

The run I’m most excited about is the CDO-Dahilayan Trail Ultramarathonwhich takes place on July 9.  I’ve bought the plane tickets and will be registering soon.  I have dentist friends (I met during my PGH externship program) at Cagayan de Oro so accommodations and transportation will be taken care of by Johnny & Danny.  I’ve traveled that road at least 4x and I know the elevation going to Bukidnon but it’s something new and the weather is cooler so I’m looking forward to this one.

I'm expecting this one to be challenging (and hopefully still fun)...

Finally, I conclude my July sked (besides the Takbo.Ph runfest) with the PAU (Philippine Association of Ultrarunners) 60km FortMagsaysay ultramarathon challengetracing a route from Nueva Ecija to Aurora provinces.  Many of my co-Team Boring members will be joining me so it’s going to be one hell of a street party spanning hopefully less than 12 hours.   This is another new road for me and I’m always energized to be treading new grounds.

this would be hard...

but with these peeps around, the run would be a breeze (and lotsa fun)!

So there you go.  So far, I’ve set my run sked for the first half of 2011.   I always need to have a goal on a monthly basis so registering for these challenging runs gives me direction for my training program.  Recently, my plans for the New York Marathon 2011 were dashed when I failed to get picked in their lottery so I’m concentrating on these local events.  Besides, I think finishing the BDM 102 is more than enough to make 2011 an eventful running year for me.

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Plans for the next few months…

  1. training na ulit tayo.kita kits sa mga takbuhan.


  2. whew! BDM sure is such a feat and a milestone! 🙂 GOOO LONG RUNS! 😀


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