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The Oriental Bay Run

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The Oriental Bay run

a view to a run........

Yesterday, the weather was near perfect (more sun, less winds by the afternoon).  So after a morning of scouring the shops of Lambton Quay and Cuba Sts., I decided to do my first city run in Wellington.  The outfit started with double-lined jogging pants over running shorts, sweat coats over the running jersey, peeling away little by little once the heat started to be a bother.

stripped down but not quite...

I started near the port area passing through the City Center and circling the Oriental Bay along the Oriental Parade.  Maybe it was the shoes (I used a flat trainer), or the winds and the cold.  But it was not a really enjoyable run.  I thought I’ve finally adjusted to running conditions here in New Zealand – sunny but windy and cold.  The terrains are mildly ascending and varies from smooth asphalt to loose pebbles to pine planks on the pier area.

the waters are cold but why were kids jumping off and doing somersaults from the pier?

the dude just outrun me....grrrrr.

lovely day, lovely day....

Once the heat kicked in and I’ve stripped to my basic running gears, I started to rev up, averaging 7 minutes per kilometer.  I even tried racing with the other Kiwi runners who as expected just left me eating their dust.  Really amazed with the leisure (!) runners here (though my mind would like to think they’re all professionals).   They can really give any visitor runner a run for their money.  Maybe, it’s the early athletic conditioning or the challenging terrain or the more scientific approach.  No matter, running in New Zealand will definitely make one stronger and faster.

Installation artworks everywhere for the weary runner...

if this were in Manila, _____________ (complete the sentence)...

Now, I’m really thinking of moving over here.  What with its clean and healthy environment, breathtaking views, oh-so-friendly, cool and polite people (runners and bikers have little to worry of being sideswiped), numerous safe and proper running lanes/trails and a very relaxed and less stressful lifestyle.

Marist School in New Zealand!

8 kms upon reaching St. Patrick’s School (Marist school), I see the giant speedometer needle.

one giant wind velocity measuring device at windy Wellington...

I cool down a little before going to the Aquatic Center where I finally got to swim (1 km) in a community heated (!) pool.  It’s been years since I last dip my toes in a lap pool so you could just imagine the struggle I had in the water but that’s another story…

this little guy was waiting for me at the finish line...with a haughty smirk.

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