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Run Log: 16 June 2010

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Run Log:  16 June 2010

LSDs (Long Slow Distance) runs are now a 3x/week habit I’ve been cultivating for more than a month now in preparation for the Milo Marathon this July 4.  Today, I did 8.8 km of our usual route round the village by myself since Dave and Frank are not available.  I thought I won’t last by my lonesome self but with a lot of encouragement from Simon LeBon (‘pulled my shirt off and pray’ – Election Day), Darryl Hall (‘we’re living in dream time, baby’) and Neil Tennant (‘you got no future, you got no past’ – West End Girls), I managed to survive and enjoyed it.  It was slow, meditative and within my control – in pace, running style and background sounds.  I’m hoping to put this training runs in my regular schedule (5:30 am T,W,Th) until August (for the PAU 65k) and September (for the CamSur Marathon).  And on Sundays the long runs but that’s another looong article.

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