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EDITORIAL: Are you prepared for the rush?

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Are you prepared for the rush?

Practicing dentistry is nothing short of taking one long roller coaster ride.  One moment you’re in a quiet solitude waiting for patients who never show up.  The next time you’re in a frenzy battle with a wailing pedo. patient, or wrestling with a persistent apical third or even searching for a severed artery from a patient spitting pools of blood.  The ride can be fulfilling as one successfully delivers a well made complete denture or it can be dangerous as one tries to stabilize a fainting patient’s vital signs.  How about retrieving a swallowed reamer or a broken needle?

With its expected tumbles and turns, twists and falls, a dentist should always be at the helm of every emergency (or ordinary) situation within the clinic.  Unexpected turns may catch the complacent dentist in the most uncompromising and frantic moments.  One should, therefore, be ready to contend with it, with enough artillery of knowledge, skill and guts and a lot of luck.  Only then, can one survive the ride.


Author: rundmd8

Dentist by day, Runner by night

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