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Dental Resolutions for 1998

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Dental Resolutions for 1998

a) I will try to diversify my activities outside the clinic so I won’t have time to blame myself or curse my neighboring clinics of the low patient turnout.

b) I will read more on the basic sciences in dentistry and not merely rely on literature of new products.

c) I will always follow-up on my patients with comprehensive treatments (high rates) even if I know that a denture or a bridge is bound to fail.  I will avoid these one-shot deals.

d) I will always share a tip or new knowledge with my fellow dentists as a means of improving dental standards.

e) I will check and talk with a fellow dentist before believing rumours and heresays he supposedly said against me.

f) I will always update my knowledge and skill by attending lectures and reading on dentistry.

g) Without being too frivolous, I will always try to provide the best dental service, use the most reliable materials, and treat my patients with sympathy and understanding.

h) I won’t scrimp on cheap materials just to save a few pesos.

i) I will refer to a specialist, cases I cannot treat properly.

j) I won’t deliver a denture or cement a crown to a patient, unless he has fully paid or signed post-dated checks.


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