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In the Groove

Currently, our group (me, Dave & Frank) would gather at 5:30 am to do our weekday runs 3x a week in a regular route around our village.  We cover a 4.4 km course which has its share of mild uphills and minor descents.  We used to circle this path only once but now, it’s no longer a struggle to run through it twice while catching up on the latest issues of the day.  Our run is definitely a breeze on weekdays and gets a little testy on weekends.

On Sundays, we take the same path and tread it for 6 times, stopping every 4.4 km cycle along our service car to replenish our bodies with chocolate, bananas, water and energy drinks.  We assemble earlier during the long run since the morning sun can be assaulting as early as 7 am.

Our goal is to rack up at least 45 km of running, walking and jogging in a week to strengthen our bodies and enhance our resistance.  Never thought I’d get into the running groove but here I am – running longer and feeling stronger.  I just hope to keep this up even with the approaching rainy season.  Our goals:  the Milo Marathon (July 4), the PAU 65K (Aug. 29) and the Camarines Sur Marathon (Sept. 26).

Author: rundmd8

Dentist by day, Runner by night

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